Our Values

At Vending Ireland, our values guide the service that we provide our clients. They are what make us different, motivating and inspiring our team to continue to be the leading vending provider for the island of Ireland.

Winning with Customers

We aim to provide a stellar full-service offering to our clients. This offering extends to their customers too. We ensure that a vending experience with Vending Ireland is the best choice available.


From our Account Managers through to our vending operations professionals, our team ensures excellence is at the heart of what we do.


With over 30 years as a vending provider, we will never stop striving to learn more. From our clients, from their customers and from the changing world around us.

Performing as one

We believe in the power of working together. Right across our company, we perform as one team.


Authenticity drives what we do. It is a huge factor in the service we provide to our clients. We act with integrity, doing what is right not just what is easy.

Caring for our people

Our people are at the heart of our business. We take pride in the care we give them, allowing them to find passion in what they do each and every day.

Our People

Our people play a fundamental role in the sustainable growth of our business. This is why we are committed to recruiting, developing and engaging talent. We encourage a high performance mindset across the business through all departments, which is passionately executed by our talented team.

Our Strategic Framework

The core of our values makes up our strategic framework. We focus on four strategic priorities: community trust, consumer relevance, customer preference and cost leadership.

These priorities inspire the work we do, both internally within our teams and with our clients on a daily basis. Our strategic framework empowers what we do and highlights that success will come from collaboration across the business with our partners in growth, The Coca-Cola Company.