Leaders in Vending Since 1987

For over 30 years, we have been the leading supplier of Coca-Cola products to clients in all sectors across the island of Ireland. By providing a full-service offering featuring an extensive portfolio of cold drinks, hot drinks and snacks, we deliver high-quality, conventional and innovative vending experiences.

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Health & Sustainability

We work consistently to integrate corporate responsibility and sustainability into every aspect of our business. This promise guides our decisions and long-term investments as we work to ensure that we deliver lasting value to our consumers and stakeholders.

Our Health & Sustainability Promise


Cold Drinks

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Our Promise

No Restrictive Contracts

Don’t be constrained by contractual obligations upon deciding to provide a vending option on your premises.

Full-Service Offering

Benefit from an all-encompassing service, from installation and maintenance to stocking and financial transparency.

No Cost to You

Don’t agonise over the possibility of unforeseen additional costs or hidden fees.

Product Available 24/7

Let your customers find what they need, with the convenience of cold drinks, hot drinks and snacks, available 24/7.

No Storage Issues

You won’t need to sacrifice precious space on your premises with our tailored vending machine replenishment service.

State of the Art Machines

Provide your customers with a state-of-the-art service, with the option of contactless payments on all machines.


“Vending Ireland has been very professional to deal with. They have responded to any queries or requests quickly and smoothly. They have provided a very high quality service to our staff.”

Kinlay Hostel Galway

“I am delighted with all levels of service from start to finish. 10/10.”

Dublin Airport Authority

“Vending Ireland delivers consistent, efficient and responsive service, with a personable touch.”

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